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Our Buisiness

Higashideya plans and develops web systems(*). these are our main business.

Please tell us your wants or wish to do.

We propose (and make) the optimal system, how to show, and operativity which suited demands of you.

*: We built a system in the Internet and intranet. And We also draw up the HTML document moved in a personal computer (Ex. The document distributed by CD-ROM).
*: We also create data and application which are distributed by the web system.

The contents of buisiness
Planning of computer systems
Consulting about computer systems
Development of computer systems
Administration of computer systems
Creation of a homepage
Consulting about a homepage
Creation of various publications (DTP)
Creation of various other data (Ex. image, pdf, sound )

Construction of a server machine:Linux,Windows
Web server:Apache,IIS
DataBase server:PostgreSQL,MySql,Oracle
Linux server system setup:SSL,ip-tables,ip-chains,etc
Web application:PHP,perl,VBA,HTML,DHTML,Javascript
Another application:VB,Flash,Director
Another:Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator,PageMaker,Acrobat
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