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Our Outline
Name HIGASHIDEYA Corporation
ZIP CODE 236-0057
Address 4-3-15-6-307, Noukendai, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Japan
Telephone number 045-701-8301
MailAddress info@higashideya.com
Representative director Higashide Iekazu
Foundation  November, 1991
COCO enterprise was started.
Establishment December 4, 1998 
HIGASHIDEYA Corporation was established.
Capital 3,000,000 Japanese yen

A "COCO enterprise" was started in November, 1991. The company consisting mainly of "edit and publication of magazine and books" and "advertising agency".
December, 1998 The company changed a head office, a trade name, and a representative into the present one. That is the establishment of "HIGASHIDEYA".
"HIGASHIDEYA" also started new buisiness "plan and development of the software".
September 2006 The name of the company (Japanese) is changed. The company is moved to Nokendai ,Kanazawa-ku.
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